The Opinion of Hector Palacios

Once again, the Cuban government finds itself at a difficult crossroads, one which it cannot resolve because it is faced with a man of proven character and deep patriotic roots, a man of courage and leadership shared by very few.  Guillermo Fariñas, once more, is risking his life for all Cubans, I repeat: For All Cubans.  He does so without hate and resentment, and he does it because a change is essential if our country is to survive.  Everyone who has blood running through their veins and feels Cuban can feel the energy that this man, thin in body but huge at heart, gives to us all.

It is the moment that his demand for a free Cuba must be heard, and by authorities themselves who have robbed us of the freedom that we will have, sooner rather than later, and that will open the paths to happiness for a people who have been enslaved for the past 50 years.

Thank you, Guillermo Fariñas, for reminding us what should be ours and for reminding every Cuban that now is the time for changes and that nobody should falter.

Hector Palacio Ruiz

Translated by Raul G.


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Filed under Hunger Strike, Translator: Raul G.

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