Let’s Not Let Him Die

Salvemos la vida de Guillermo Fariñas

Let us save Guillermo Fariñas’s life.

Laissez-nous sauver la vie de Guillermo Fariñas.

Lassen Sie uns Guillermo Fariñas Leben bewahren.



Filed under Hunger Strike

3 responses to “Let’s Not Let Him Die

  1. Hank

    And how do you propose that we do this? I do not want him to die. What can we do to prevent this?

  2. please farinas should live ,he need our help,he is a good man and honest . the world is on your side ,but you are a human being ,you deserve to live ,we need you alive you represent courage and dignity .the cuban government dont care what happen to him but i do .

  3. it is very painful what has happened to our beloved Cuba,and yes, Fidel is cruel and inhuman and has no respect for our lives-not to speak of welfare,and he has organised a system of repression that sits well in place, but please, do not fight him by offering your life.
    Rather be cunning, and so help others, that have less courage than you, and organise
    don´t add more pain and more injustice.
    let your voice be heard

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